Step 4: Creating an Accurate Cardboard Joint

This is perhaps the crux of this tutorial, as this technique for joining card together neatly and is not that well known. It involves cutting through the top layer of the cardboard, through the corrugated (wavy) part - but stopping just before the lower layer of card. The edge is then removed as shown below, with a ruler. The results are perfectly presentable for any meetings with designers or users. It is shown in more details here.
love this, great ible Jude :)
Very nice! :D <br>
Cool Eco-Case!
Really nice!!! <br> <br>+10
Thanks Apolo8... as mentioned - my sketching is rubbish, but the Workshop just got a plug on ID Sketching, which is pretty darn exciting! <br> <br>http://www.idsketching.com/all/design-modeling-by-jude-pullen/

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