Step 7: Awesome Super-Glue Tip

Did you know that Super-Glue is very strong in tension, but relatively weak in shearing? (which is why it is better to 'roll' your fingers apart, rather than 'pulling' them apart)...

Similarly using insulation tape when constructing large assemblies (that are perhaps in tension) is ideal, as the tape can be pulled off easily once everything is glued in place.

Here it is used as a surface to take small amounts off of with a cocktail stick to apply in small quantities to glue the light pipes in. The advantage is that the superglue is not absorbent and prevents it drying quickly (compared to if it were on a scrap of paper).
love this, great ible Jude :)
Very nice! :D <br>
Cool Eco-Case!
Really nice!!! <br> <br>+10
Thanks Apolo8... as mentioned - my sketching is rubbish, but the Workshop just got a plug on ID Sketching, which is pretty darn exciting! <br> <br>http://www.idsketching.com/all/design-modeling-by-jude-pullen/

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