I was recently playing around with a new piece of software called Autodesk FormIt. It's technically designed for architects but it is really easy to use and I thought it was pretty fun. You can really easily design buildings and see how they cast shadows. I was thinking about how I could use it for everyday projects and then it hit me: It would be really useful to see how your garden would be affected by the surrounding buildings and trees. Using this tool you can figure out how shadows are cast on your garden throughout the year and choose plants that best suit that environment.

Before you get too far into this Instructable I should mention that the only piece of equipment you'll need is an iPad. Of course, a lot of people don't have these. If you're one of those folks I'm sorry to say this won't work. FormIt might be coming out in the future for other tablets, though. Either way, I hope you appreciate this project.

Step 1: Download FormIt

Download FormIt on your iPad. This step is pretty self-explanatory. Do something fun really quickly while it downloads. Perhaps a quick dance?

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