The iPad Mini was launched back in October 2012 and has been in huge demand. While there are some great cases out there, there is not a truly personal way to create a unique case that is just for you. With 3D Printing growing at a tremendous pace and the price coming down considerably in the past couple of years, it is not possible to produce one off products at low prices. In this Instructable I will show you how to design an iPad Mini Case that you can 3D Print.

Step 1: Downloading Template

To get started you will need to download my template case from Thingiverse which has been tested and fits perfectly when printed at Shapeways. You can download the Template from Thingiverse here. (Please note I have set the license for this design to Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike which means that you can customize and share you design but you cannot sell your design)
<p>can you please make a template like this for the iPad 2</p>
<p>Is there one for iPad Mini 4 too? Keep up the good work!</p>

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Bio: Ryan King (17) iPhone/Android/Blackberry Developer, Mobile site Developer, 3D Printing Designer. Owner/Founder of Gromfrog Media
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