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Introduction: Design Your Own Controllers


Jack Daniel's Independence Project Contest Entry

One minute is not much time to discuss the technical details, so I will include a few of them here for others who are interested in the project...

  • Controllers are modular.
  • They support USB-MIDI.
  • Enclosure and body is currently being redesigned to be more professional and robust.
  • The current Teensy Monster supports ~23 analog inputs, ~24 digital i/o, ~8 interrupts (for encoders). Plans are to develop a number of different Teensy Monster modules with different i/o configurations.
  • The project is, and will always be, open source.
  • All components are panel mount.
  • No programming necessary - of course the code can easily be hacked and modified - it is written using the uber friendly Arduino environment.
  • Pricing is dynamically updated while designing the controller using the web app.
  • Pricing depends on which Teensy Monster, enclosure type, materials, or components you choose. A fully assembled controller will also cost more than a DIY kit.
  • Ideally, anyone can follow the documentation to assemble the kit.

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    Teensy Monster looks amazing!!! did you pull the project? what happened?

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    coming VERY soon!

    Wow, just wow. If this was handled correctly it could be one hell of a business. Any recent progress on it? Can't find anything on your site or elsewhere. Thanks!

    What's the x-y pad that I can see in the video above?

    This is a great idea, and the sad part is for the past 2 months I have been researching on creating diy midi controllers for the same idea, to create a business to create custom midi controllers. I would run mine more just as a side project for customers and not rely on the income from it. I would love to talk to you about this, being that I am not the only person that has thought about creating a business revolving around this idea.

    Very cool project and great presentation- thumbs up!

    This is a really awesome project!

    Good luck!

    It would be really cool if you won the contest.
    I would love to be able to just buy this, instead of having to source all the parts.
    Also while similar products do already exist, none of them are either:
    this modular, they are kits (usually just the PCB),
    or they are limited as to the arrangement of the parts.

    The few similar devices out there, the MIDI fighter (& the 3D one) are expensive at ~300USD, and while the Novation Launchpad is cheaper (~150-200USD), it's strictly MIDI,
    which means you are limited on the software and also the computer.

    One question though, how do you plan on charging for your device?
    Having price tiers/levels? or charging by the components/pieces?

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    He said in the description the price would change as you add components.


    He said in the description the price would change as you add components.


    that's an amazing idea man! I would definitely get one!! :)