Design Your Own Live Wallpaper for Your Android Device

Picture of Design Your Own Live Wallpaper for Your Android Device
Many people love to customize their cell phones and mobile devices. Animated backgrounds can break up the monotony of a blank background and help to show your individuality. In this article we will show you how to make a nice live wallpaper from your holiday photo by adding a simple water effect.
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Step 1: Preparing the Photo

Picture of Preparing the Photo
First of all, you need to prepare your photo, since the screens of most mobile devices have much lower resolution than modern cameras.

1. Find the screen resolution of your device. The most popular options are 640x960, 320x480, and 240x320.
2. Resize and crop your photo in any image editor (e.g., GIMP or even MS Paint).

Step 2: Animating the Waterfall

Picture of Animating the Waterfall
Usually making realistic water animations is quite a difficult and time consuming activity. Fortunately there is a tool that can do all the complex work for you.

1. Go to
2. Download and run the DP Animation Maker Installer. Then follow the instructions on your screen.
3. Launch the application and load your picture by clicking the Change background button.
4. Add the Stream Brush animation tool by clicking the Add animation button.
5. Paint over the falling water on your photo.

Step 3: Transferring Your Result to Your Android Device

Now you need to convert  your animation into a format that your android device can display. You have two options:

1. Save it as an animated GIF. This is the format that the most of cell phones understand, but it reduces the quality of the picture and creates large files.

2. Save it as an AVI. This format is free of the disadvantages of GIF files, but requires additional software to be played as Live Wallpaper. Fortunately there is a free  program that helps: Video Live Wallpaper. In Google Play, it can be found here
amersuman made it!1 year ago

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Deathstick1 year ago
This is hardly a Instructable. Your in no shape, form or fashion showing how to "make" a live wallpaper. The APK that your pointing to does the "creation" from an .avi file. Unless your using Android SDK your not making a live wallpaper. This should be re-titled, "How to use an .avi as a live wallpaper". I agree with Zdaddy, this more like an advertisement for an app and a program.
adwait961 year ago
i tried it took a pic resized it but when i select the file using video lwp it says file is unreadable,corrupt or is nt a video file please help!!!
Zdaddy1 year ago
Meh...this is more like an ad for an app.
arizers2 years ago
I have designed my own live wallpaper for my android device and you can check it :- 

Hot air balloon Live Wallpaper