This is a basic tutorial, presented by PBnJ Snowboards, on how you can easily design a snowboard with Adobe Photoshop CS3, or something similar. Lots of people want that special board that they've made with their own sweat blood and tears, and this will show the design prospect of it. In a later tutorial, we will show you how to print the image, press the board, and hit the slopes with a truly unique board. So lets get started.

What you need:
Adobe Photoshop CS2/CS3/Illustrator
An idea (Sometimes dictionary.com's word of the day is great)
Willingness to see things through.

Step 1: The Idea.

On July 5th, dictionary.com had the word of the day being "Affray", which is a "tumultuous assault or quarrel". So my inspiration was Fire vs Ice, being a snowboard and all. There are many brainstorms off this, like peace and war, love and hate, etc etc.

So with that and mind, fire up that RAM hogging Photoshop, and make your computer stir, this could take awhile depending on complexity and access of tools. Having a pad for this is great, but a mouse works just as well.

So with Affray in mind, it's time to start the Fire & Ice deck.
Hey can you upload your brushes again? Link is dead :) <br><br>Best regards, <br>B<br><br>BTW it's a nice tut!
I will have to fish the brushes out and get them on my own file sharing, I can't seem to find them either. I will get them within the week, and thanks!

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