I've recently been exploring the amazing world of T-shirt design and printing.
All you really need is Adobe Photoshop (Adobe Illustrator is optional) and a place to print your shirts.
After searching the web I found a place that could easily print my shirts for me and even allow me t sell them to others without me having to do anything.
This is the website:

I've been working with this website for about a year now and have never had anything but good experiences.
So, on to the real instructable in which I will describe every step of the process...

Note: This instructable will not teach you how to use photoshop, it is based on the idea that readers already master PS to a certain level (not a very advanced level though)
So just read some tutorials on the pen tool and layers on such and you'll be ready =)

P.S. This is my first instructable, hope you like it =)

Step 1: Getting Ideas

The most important step in the entire process.
If you don't have an idea, you can't design anything now can you?
I get ideas when I hang around with friends, see cool designs on posters or shirts or generally when weird things happen to me (which they do... a lot...)
Just look around and when you get an idea, try to write it down or try to make sketches so you won't forget.
Designing something for a group of friends is always a nice starting point and exactly what I will be doing for this instructable...
this sounds really cool, and is a great Instructable (: I'm a tad confused about shirtcity though. do you pay for the shirtcity dollars? and, does it affect your profits? i am only asking you as i can find no mention of this on the actually website. thank in advance (: once again, great instructable. xoxo;
You start off with 4 shirtcity dollars, you can buy extra if you want them, but you get one for free with every 2 shirts you sell.<br/>So it's pretty much free if you manage it well...<br/>I'm glad you liked my instructable (=<br/>
Ah okay, that makes so sense :) Thanks so much, I'm looking into putting some of my designs on there. It's pretty neat :) So basically, every new design you make is a shirtcity dollar? Verrry sneaky, saying it's free but pretty much charging you for designs. I knew it was too good to be true ;P No problemo, i'm usually pretty appalling with photoshop, this gave me a bit of help, and opened up a sort of business for me :) Thanks again! xoxo;
I've made mine earlier this year, thought I'd share it since it is a logo for me, and I have used it on shirts.<br/><br/>Here's my old version, I haven't made my new one yet. I added a bullet hole cause it looks great. =D<br/><br/>It says &quot;Layam&quot; (Lay - Am)<br/>
Really nice!<br/>Love the graffiti style =)<br/>Cool to see other people's designs on here.<br/>

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