Introduction: Design and 3D Print a Bottle Opener With Fusion 360

Picture of Design and 3D Print a Bottle Opener With Fusion 360

Design a custom bottle opener using these easy to follow step-by-step instructions .

We will guide you through designing a bottle opener in Fusion 360 and preparing it for 3D printing. Fusion is available for download at

Step 1: Sketch Penny Holder

Picture of Sketch Penny Holder

1. Sketch > Create Sketch

2. Select Bottom Plane

3. Sketch > Center Diameter Circle: 35mm

4. Sketch > Line across the innter circle

5. Sketch > Sketch Dimensions

i. Select the line from 1d and the origin

ii. Type in 6.5mm

f. Stop Sketch

Step 2: Extrude Penny Holder

Picture of Extrude Penny Holder

1. Modify > Press Pull

2. Select Bottom area of circle

3. Extrude: 2mm, Symmetric

4. Press OK

Step 3: Sculpt Body

Picture of Sculpt Body

1. Start Sculpt

2. Extrude Sculpt Cylinder

a. Create > Extrude

b. Turn on Sketch 1 in the Browser

c. Select Center diameter circle from 1c

d. See figure for suggested dialogue inputs

Step 4: Thicken Body

Picture of Thicken Body

1. Modify > Thicken

2. Select body

3. Thickness: 5mm

Step 5: Edit Form

Picture of Edit Form

1. Modify > Edit Form

2. Select Faces, lines, and verticals and use the handle to make adjustments. Get creative!

Step 6: Finish Form

Picture of Finish Form

1. Finish Form

Step 7: Model Penny Cutout

Picture of Model Penny Cutout

1. Combine Bodies

a. Modify > Combine

b. Select both bodies and join them together

2. Sketch Penny Cutout

a. Start Sketch

b. Select Flat Face of Penny Holder Body

c. Sketch > center rectangle

i. Center Point on the origin

ii. Length: 20mm

iii. Width: 1.85mm

d. Stop Sketch

3. Extrude Penny Cutout

a. Modify > Press Pull

b. Select Rectangle Profile from 9c

c. Cut: 15mm

4. Add Text (optional)

a. Sketch > Text

b. Select Top Face of Penny Holder

c. Enter Text

d. Modify > Press Pull

i. Height: 1mm

ii. Operation: Join

Step 8: Model Add Hole

Picture of Model Add Hole

1. Create and Place Hole

a. Create > Hole

b. Select Sculpted Body near the edge

c. Diameter: 6mm, Extents: All

2. Save your design!

a. Click Make

b. Select your unified body (make sure everything is highlighted!)

c. Uncheck “Send to Utility”, Save as .STL file


DavidS312 made it! (author)2017-06-30

I carved it out of aluminum on my home made cnc machine.

zposner (author)2016-12-08

Would the plastic be strong enough to open a bottle, or do you need to 3d print it in metal, or 3d print it in plastic and cast it

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