Step 6: Making the Blade: Grinding the Bevel

Picture of Making the Blade: Grinding the Bevel
This step may be the one with the most consequence if you screw up. the cutting edge is the most important part, and when forming it, go slow. You only want to grind half of the edge away on each side. Make sure you clamp the blank securely. I like to use C clamps because they cover less of the knife. You don't want it moving anywhere while you grind.

To form the bevel I use a 36 grit wheel for my angle grinder, because it makes a wide cutting path. While forming, check the angle by looking down the blank. When you hit halfway, flip it over and grind the other side. when you see a wire edge forming, stop. you have made a successful edge. 
If you dont mind me asking, what steel is used? and would a dremel with a metal cutting wheel be able to replace the edge grinder?
Luca54 years ago
What's the "Bevel" ?