Since my MP3 player turned out not to be a popular one, few companies made cases for it and not enjoying my choices, I decided to make my own. After some bad ideas, some good ideas, lots of failed and half-finished cases, I finally created one that I liked. It's made from some playing cards I got for $0.50 at Target, tape and some glue.

This type of case will not protect against drops or falling but will protect against smudges and scratches.

Step 1: Practice

The first time you make this, I recommend not using the actual cards you want to use. The case produced in this tutorial is the third one I made. I also show shots of the second one I made (which is what I use.) The first one I made was shoddy and I intentionally used cards I didn't want to. This gave me a way to test the design, figure out what I was doing and get a gyst of the MP3 player's shape before moving on to later versions.

I mad ea few mistakes with the dimensions in the one I made for this tutorial. So be careful and be willing to make more than one.
pretty good 4stars!!!!!!<br />
you could use a tiny strip of velcro to instead of the rubberband. but neat idea other wise
yay homesar!! i think....
tnx dude i like this idea i needed one but dont want to buy it i love mine
if you have an i-pod could you put cellophane rap over the buttons and screen so it would be water resistant and you could still use the buttons?
It's actually such a good idea, I decided to quit using the case I made and just cover my MP3 player in plastic wrap. It doubles also to make your MP3 player look extremely scratched and beaten up and undesirable to thieves and looky-loos. (I like this. It isn't sarcasm.)
Now THAT is a good idea to try. And super simple.
I want to do this with magic cards :3
Great Idea .. instead of the rubber band you could user those little velco taps to hold the flap down..
I made one for my iPod nano. You don't have to make a hole for the click wheel, it works just fine. You just have to put something so you know where the buttons are. I used the ace of spades where the click wheel is.
That's great, I was just about submit mine that I had been working on, except I had made it for my cell phone. This case is great, it doesn't absorb water so your device is protected during a rain. If I was to suggest anything, it would be that you put in a flap at the bottom for the flip cover to fold into, like they have on cereal boxes.
I'd have done that except the flap I made wasn't long enough for me to reach it into something I could tuck it into. Plus, that'd go over where the controls are and in some of the ones I made before. You can make your MP3 player unusable if you don't make the control cover approximately uniform. The other thing I want to change is that the bottom part is the USB connector and I'd rather not cover that up. However, I also like the closed bottom so I'm not sure if I'd want to do that.

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