Want to make a patch that you can sew or iron onto a bag or jacket or anything you can sew or iron onto? Have access to an embroidery machine? Sweet! I will walk you through the whole process of making a machine-embroidered patch, from design stage to finishing.

This patch is the logo of the Burners, a gang of freedom fighting teenagers with fast cars, from the cartoon Motorcity on Disney XD (which you should ABSOLUTELYWATCH if you get the chance). This particular patch is a commission for someone who's going to be cosplaying Chuck, the Burners' programmer.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

- a design
- a vector graphics editing package like Illustrator or Inkscape
- embroidery software (I'm using DRAWings and old Husqvarna VIP software)
- a USB drive (or whatever hardware you need to get your embroidery files onto your machine)
- an embroidery machine (I have a Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond)
- embroidery hoops that work with your machine
- stabilizer (I'm using water soluble Aqua Magic)
- fabric (I'm using white flag nylon)
- polyester embroidery thread
- polyester bobbin thread
- iron on backing (I'm using stuff from Colman and Company)
- parchment paper
- scissors
- an iron
- some damp paper towels
- a heatproof surface of some description (I use a small glass mirror I got for $5 at Michaels)
- a hotknife (essentially a woodburning tool with a small chisel tip)
<p>Absolutely great instructable. I was interested in the embroidery patch creation process, as someone fond of old school band patches and military patches-- I'm heavily interested in investing in my own machine to make patches from various video games and such. This has made the decision quite a bit easier!</p>
brilliant instructable.
Great instructions!
Fantastic! I never knew about hotknifing or how to make a home embroidered patch look so professional!

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