Picture of Design and Make a Table in a Day: Assembly
This is a two part Instructable detailing how to design and build a table using 123D Design and 123D Make.  In this part I will cover the 123D Make step, in which you cut out your design and assemble it.  I started with two small-scale models to test out my assembly method and test their strengths.  Once I determined how best to assemble them and decided on my favorite I scaled it up to the size of a bedside table.  All together it took less than a day, even waiting for the glue to dry.  Not too bad, I think.

In Part 1 of this Instructable I cover how to create the original models of the table you'd like to make.

So far I've just made a large scale cardboard version but I'll be moving into wood soon for the finished product.  I'm thinking of doing a glass top, and I'll probably end up altering the dimensions a bit to make it look better.  I'll post updates as they happen.

[NOTE: I've also included the 123D Make files used to make the smaller tables.  They will create the two tables shown in the intro step that are 12 inches tall, but can easily be altered to be any height you'd like.]
bobsquared1 year ago
The download came up with a bunch of $#EECU^%$EI&R &IR$I& stuff.
Adam.Kenvarg (author)  bobsquared1 year ago
Do you mean the folder name? I'm not exactly sure what's going on with that, but the files inside seem to be named correctly.
ramz8582 years ago
Great instructable, I was lost trying to come up with a 3d profile in 123d.

Now I got it, thanks!