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I figured it was time for me to make an instructable. I have been on the site for some time and feel it’s time I contribute.
In this instructable I will show you how to make a quality model rocket for cheap from start to finish. No kit or commercial parts will be needed but you could use them if you wish.
• ruler / straight edge, you will need a long and short one
• scissors
• cotton swabs (optional)
• razor saw (optional)
• hobby knife / razor
• plastic container / cup / bowl
• sponge
• sandpaper, from 220 up, depends on how you want the final finish
• dremel (optional)
• drill (optional)
• clamps (optional)

• glue, white glue and wood, if you only use one use white glue
• balsa, block and sheet
• masking tape
• craft paper
• glazing putty, automotive (optional)
• spray paint
• tubes to form/make the body tubes, could be a pvc pipe or a shipping tube, just as long as it isn’t too big, you can also use tubes from paper towel rolls and rolls of plastic wrap and aluminum foil make good tubes
• motors, whatever size you want
• launch rod
• recovery wadding
• elastic cord, for shock cord
• chute material. ripstop nylon, heavy trash bag, maybe a chute ible in the future
• something to use as clamping plates (optional)

Sites and Software
• open rocket, free model rocket design and simulation software
Rock Sim, offered by Apogee, more powerful and from what I have heard you are able to model more complex rockets but the cost is about $120usd
• http://www.rocketryforum.com/, lots helpful people and info
• Nar.org, good info for people getting started
• discountrocketry.com, lots of parts and good prices if you plan on using commercially available parts
finn mcevoy3 months ago

he has the same scissors as me

Great design. I love it

tommyfun2 years ago
I prefer to plan it out as i build it, it works pretty good. I'm working on building more rockets for my patriot line, and I'll try it like this for one or two, see which is better
bpetno2 years ago
great job! is the hollow nose cone just made from craft paper also?
ss3000 (author)  bpetno2 years ago
Yes, I'll see if I can do up a step by step for that soon.
For the parachute you can use the ones from plastic army people. For a streamer you can use nylon tape or the non sticky orange tape. Nice ible tho:)
ss3000 (author)  NVDevastator2 years ago
Thank you. For smaller rockets the army guy parachute could work but I would rather make one out of a trash bag. Perhaps I'll do an ible for that but they are pretty easy to make.
billbillt2 years ago