Step 10: Nose cone

Picture of Nose cone
Sorry I do not have any pictures of me actually making a nose cone but here's the process.
Once you know how long the nc is you can cut your balsa block to length. find the center by connecting the corners and drill a hole that is just big enough for your wooden dowel rod. You will want a few inches extra of the rod to extend from the block, make sure the hole is straight. If you have access to a drill press I would use it. Squirt some glue in the hole and push the rod in, I would let it set and dry for at least a day.
Now you need to find or setup a lathe so you can turn your nc, I'm not going to cover that in this ible but there are plenty on here that show you how to set one up.
take the template for the nc and glue it to a piece of cardboard or balsa to make it stiff and cut out the nc shape and use it as guide for the shape.