Design and Make Your Own Ceramic Cups





Introduction: Design and Make Your Own Ceramic Cups

Welcome on my Instructable!

This time I'm going to show you how to design and fabricate a ceramic cup in large quantities.

Little bit on this project:

I wanted to capture the whole process of designing the cup from start to finish, from plasticine to a ready item or product if you wish. So you will see many techniques of which individual tutorials could have been made and in fact many of such already exist from which I got my knowledge. You will see references to those tutorials throughout my Instructable.

In this tutorial I am designing a cup, but the process can be applied to anything out of ceramic. Imagine making your own tiles for your bathroom, making your own plates, bowls, vases, figurines and so on...

This project I made together with my brother. He is the one responsible for all the great pictures and videos. If not for his help this project wouldn't be possible.



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    This sounds like a great Instructable. Unfortunately, other than the introduction, the rest of the tutorial seems to be missing. Can anyone share how to see it?

    I second this! I would really love to be able to see this instructable. I'm planning to make my own mugs. Any idea why it's not showing in full?

    No idea. I sent a message to the author of this Instructuable, but haven't heard back yet.

    I can't see any of the steps...

    Awsome job and amazing idea.
    Interesting shape (anyway, it's scales, right ?). I hope drinks will be tastier in this cup :D
    Very well documented and useful guide.
    Maybe I'll try it in near future !
    Bravo !

    waw I'm gona do that

    Superb job, congrats!!

    Wow, not only are these cups beautiful, but so too are the photos showing them! Very well documented, very and your brother deserve major props!

    great detail and picture documentation. thank you.