Peg board is a great way to keep your hand tools organized and conveniently accessible. I'm sure any of you who have installed a peg wall in you shop have realized they can be sorta limiting. This design will help keep some of those odd balls in the same space with the rest of your tools. On the left is a catch all that is good for storing tools that don't fit on the peg board and a good quick ditch for tools that will be hung up on the board later. On the right is the power tool caddie, great for those tools that don't belong on the board but in the same space. Check out this simple ply wood design. I used scraps and simply glued and tack nailed this together.
really cool &great design, i want to do this for my shop. how did you mount the power tool holder and boxes to the wall?
really cool &great design, i want to do this for my shop. how did you mount the power tool holder and boxes to the wall?
Nice collection of tool holders. One suggestion if I may... <br> <br>If you add a lip along the front edge of the piece that holds the power tools, they can't be accidentally knocked out (or shaken out during a quake) as easily. If you look at the drill holder in the woodshop at TechShop San Jose, you'll see the sort of lip I'm referring to. <br> <br>The drill holder in the woodshop there was converted last year to a ShopBot project so it can be easily reproduced. I have the original of that file if you ever need it.
Very nice tool rack. <br>Great idea. Simple and effective <br>I'll &quot;steal&quot; it from you :D
Fantastic idea with the power tool holder. That's what I love about instructables, simple but very clever. Well done.
I really like your power tool holder. I need one of those. <br>just a few quick thoughts, it might be useful to add a box or shelves below the power tool rack that would hold items for tools. sandpaper for the sander. drill bits and driver bits for the drills, blades for the jig saws, etc. might also be helpful to add a little shelf with a power plug for the cordless charges so that it's all close at hand. <br>It might also be nice to label on the peg board where everything goes. I know where my tools go but I often get my kids to help put things away so having things labeled helps them and helps me to not have to hear them complaining about not knowing where anything goes. <br> <br>nice job
Looks great! :) <br> I need to do some of this myself. Thanks for exhibiting tidiness for me to follow.
Thanks for this, you have given me a good idea to improve my tools panel.

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