The most funny part of this project was when my Dear neighbor said:"That was my Old Stuff ?"And I goes like: "No, This is my new Mirror and my brand new Woodworking Tool Box!!
Some day I found in my neighbor's backyard and just for the pleasure of enjoy the look in their face when something nice comes out from a pile of scrapped Furniture I decided to try this last minute project.
I love scrappy stuff!!.
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Step 1: Mirror Frame (From a broken seatback chair).

I just love the carved wood in that back seat chair, but unfortunatelly was broken, so I decided to repurpose that good looking piece of woodworking ina nice Mirros Frame.
I cutted the final ends where the legs of the chairs start.And nail a kind of little Table that acts as a nice shelve.
Then I cutted around the hole where the mirror is going to be installed.
Finnally and after sand the whole surface , paint in white, let it dry and install the mirror.
That´s all and looks fantastic !!

Step 2: Woodworking Tool Box.

I´ve always had wanted a nice old lookink rustic Tool Box for my Woodworking Tools.When I saw those old drawers that idea came right out to my head.
I just sand the old paint, smooth the  surface, and mark where the hinges will be.I installed the hinges and finally varniosh the whole box.

Step 3: Rustic Cabinet.

Picture of Rustic Cabinet.
Check how was made this cabinet in here.
Beautiful work! I love the hardware you found for the cabinet!
Mr.Sanchez (author)  flyingpuppy1 year ago
Thanks !! Its from an Old Door.
So cool! I just love that mirror :) You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!
bajablue1 year ago
I absolutely love what you've done here!  Voted!!!
Hermano, me le quito el sombrero. Dígame que alcanzó a ponerlo en el Reuse Contest...
Mr.Sanchez (author)  M.C. Langer1 year ago
Confirmado.. esta adentro!!!Vote!!Vote!!Vote!!