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Sometimes you need a simple schematic of your circuit to illustrate your instructable or something else. If you simply want to connect some basic parts a professional tool like EagleCad might be a huge overkill.

I suggest to use Webtronics instead. The software is still under developemet but already useful. You dont have to setup the program on your computer, it runs directly in your webbrowser. So you may try it right now by clicking the link.

  • very simple and intuitive
  • import svg vector graphics
  • exports svg vector graphics
  • runs in a webbrowser - no need to install software
  • only a few parts in the parts list
  • very basic

Step 1: Menu

Picture of Menu

So lets have a closer look at the menu. From left to right there are ten buttons:
  1. Import file - lets you import any svg graphic
  2. Clear the drawing area - remove everything from your sheet
  3. make chips - design ICs
  4. get parts - Parts list, choose your part
  5. click this to zoom out, select an area to zoom in
  6. select shapes
  7. click to start wire - wire your circuit
  8. add text
  9. delete selected shape
  10. save the file - as svg graphic
After getting this short overview, we can start drawing in the next step.
Ploopy2 years ago
Cool program
Phil B3 years ago
Here is another useful and interesting circuit development and testing tool.