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Step 7: Easy door

Picture of Easy door
The door presented a special problem to me because there were so many ways to do it!  I really like the idea of a sliding door but I just didn't have the hardware to do it.  All you need for an ordinary door is 2 hinges and the door itself.  But I had a sliding shower door instead of a real door. I ended up turning it upside down, taking off the sliding rollers and attaching it to a piece of 1 by 4 (that was not long enough) with just 2 screws.   through the only metal that didn't contain glass on that side.  I had to add another piece of wood (an off cut with a little v shape to it to contain the bottom of the door. Then I cut perspex (plexiglass) to fit the contour of the top and screwed that on too. (makes the door that tiny bit sturdier and I got one more screw in at the far side.  The final act will be to add silicone rubber where the shower door meets the 1 by 4 and that will keep it solid as heck!  Solid as a rock in fact! (Maybe)