Firstly I'd like to apologise for the poor lighting in the photos and any omissions, mistakes etc. in my instructions I'm a posting newbie. Secondly, I'm not actually making a watch from scratch but rather editing and adapting one to fit my own needs.

Now that's out of the way I'll begin, like many I had seen Urban Influence's 5 Year Anniversary Watch (http://bit.ly/b2xNa5) and feel in love with it and immediately thought I have to have it, but alas, after searching everywhere, I couldn't find it, so like the title of the competition I thought 'I could make that.'

So here's my attempt:


Step 1: Selecting watch

Picture of Selecting watch
You'll need to find a suitable watch, after some consultation with my local watch dealer, I decided to go for this model from Rotary, though you'll find various suitable models on ebay (http://ebay.eu/12a1Gcg) you are basically looking for anything with a Swiss mechanical movement to it.

My first step was then to take this to the said watchmaker to remove the dial, this was seen as a rather peculiar request, but he was happy to oblige as he'd never seen anything like this attempted before and was keen to see the outcome.
shaunak1 year ago
Great looking watch. Im going to try to make one too
shaunak1 year ago
Great looking watch. Im going to try to make one too
Jetpack52 years ago
Well made! For transferring the design you could make the design inverted and either photocopy it or print it out on a laser printer. Then put your pattern on the metal and run a clothes iron over it. The heat will transfer some of the ink, enough for your pattern.

I liked how you told us what worked and also what didn't work, as both are important. It was cleverly done and the watch looks great!
baurence (author)  Jetpack52 years ago
I'd never even thought of that Jetpack, thanks for the tip.
Thank you for the Instructable!