This is my designer electronics gadget project using used mobiles and laptops. The gadget like MP3 player, Amplifier, Sound Boxes, Audio Pin Junction, Pen Drive, Pen Torch, designed using laptop keys and aluminum sheets. The car mp3 player is converted into portable mp3 player with charging option and it is powered by mobile battery. It has play/pause, prev/next and channel buttons. Laptop display is used as mp3’s screen guard and It has provision for USB, audio output pin, battery charging socket, and a switch is connected for switch-on mp3 player and charging battery.

Power amplifier is a simple circuit using LM386, it also powered using mobile battery and has option for charging. And speakers from mobile and laptop used in sound boxes. The speaker pins are cut into half the size so that its size matches the gadget’s size.

Material used:

1. Car MP3 Player
2. Used Laptop and Mobile
3. Mobile Batteries
4. Electronic Components
5. Aluminium and Plastic Sheets

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Step 1: MP3 Player

<p>Could you give part list for spliter box i want to make it</p>
How come your lm386 amp works on 3.7 volts? Isnt it too low? And how much battery life do you get with it?
<p>curious about if you will be able to easily replace/charge the batteries in these projects? Also, for the MP3 Player, did you basically just gut a mp3 player and re-case it or use special components? Finally, can you provide more detail on wiring the buttons for that particular project? thanks, and great work!</p>
<p>sorry, i missed the details about the charging of the mp3 player. Couldn't easily recognize a charging circuit/port from the pictures but do see it in the description now. What model of mp3 player did you use? thanks again</p>
<p>I have uploaded step two regarding power supply and wiring, i think this will clear you doubt, and video will upload soon. thank you..:-)</p>
<p>Sure rbinford2 i will explain you by uploading detailed pics and video. </p>
<p>really nice. I'm going to make the thumb-drive. I love the looks of that.</p>
<p>very nice innovative</p>
<p>You sir are a genius. This is the coolest thing I have ever seen. </p>
<p>Good one!! i will try it by myself</p>
<p>It's really interesting and useful! I'm really inspired.</p>
Nice work!
<p>They look brilliant! Seriously this is really good work!</p>
<p>Brilliant ideas for keyboard keys! I particularly like the pen drive case - very smart looking and I could just see it working as a present for someone with their initials :)</p>
<p>thank you :-), really.</p>
<p>this is great...just great!</p>
<p>Thank you...:-)</p>
<p>This is a pretty neat idea!</p>
<p>Thank you ....:-)</p>
<p>I've thought about doing something similar to this for a while. Impressively executed! The FUN flash drive really seals this.</p>
<p>Thank you... :-)</p>

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