This is a mod I recently developed for the folks at 826 Valencia. They wanted to have a bunch of people come down and make/modify a pirate gear to be sold as a fundraiser.. Since they always seem to get stuck with a certain color of eye patches in their store, we decided to come up with a way to modify them into designer patches.

This "tie patch" project is very quick and easy. You'll need an eye patch with a sewn on outer trim, spray adhessive, scrap fabric, and a sewing machine. Although we use a certain type of eye patches that they sell at 826 Valencia, a lot of this set up could be used for the cheap eye patches they sell in toy stores. I like to use old ties for a lot of my crafts, so that's what I used for this project.

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Step 1: Remove the Trim

Using a seam ripper, carefully remove the stitches on the trim. This will be used later, so hang on to it.
excuse the crappyness, this was taken last year when i didn't have a camera. I did it for some class.
a couple snips with some scissors and you'd have a great g-string

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