Picture of DIY Room Divider


• Two pieces of 1/2” threaded pipe @ 60”

• One piece of 1/2” threaded pipe @ 48”

• Two 90 degree pipe elbow joints

• Two floor flanges

• Four 1” wooden blocks @ 4” x 4”

• Two ¾” panels of plywood @ 60”l x 20”h

• One ¾” panel of plywood @ 60”l x 3.375”h

• Three ¾” panels of plywood @ 3.375”l x 20”w x 3/4”

• Four industrial casters

• One box of 1 1/2” wood screws

• Sculpt Nouveau: Universal black patina

• Danish Oil

• Wood Glue

• 7/64” Drill Bit

• 11/64” Countersink Driver Bit

• Two Pony 6in. Clamps

• “Drill Hole” + “Caster” Paper Template


• Power drill with assorted bits

• Pencil

I include a list of materials, tools, dimensions, and images for the participant to use as a guide for their own creations. The participants are free to express themselves and are encouraged to paint the base of the plywood box to add their own signature flair.

Step 1: D.I.Y. Room Divider

Picture of D.I.Y. Room Divider

Have plywood cut at local hardware store:

• Top + Bottom: Two ¾” panels of plywood @ 60”l x 20”h

• Back: One ¾” panel of plywood @ 60”l x 3.375”h

• Sides + Middle Beam: Three ¾” thick panels of plywood @ 19.25”l x 3.25”h

Step 2: Laying Out + Drilling Holes

Layout the bottom panel @ (60”l x 20”h) with the three side pieces @ (20” x 3.375”), and the back panel @ (60”l x 3.25”h). Clamp, and flip over to pre-drill into the bottom face.

Step 3:

Picture of

Use the “Drill Hole” template to mark where you will pre-drill into the plywood box.

Step 4:

Once all holes are drawn, proceed to pre-drill the holes with a 7/64” drill bit to drill through the bottom piece @ (60”l x 20”h x ¾”w) and 1/4” into the clamped side and back panels. Next switch the drill bit with the 11/64” counter sink driver bit holes 1/8” deep in into the plywood.

Step 5:

Once the back panel and the three beams are secure, apply a dab of wood glue before screwing together.

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craftclarity4 months ago

Simple, and lovely. I really like the blues you used on the shade.