Picture of Designer Pancakes
Have you seen Mickey Mouse pancakes? Olympics pancakes? Mega, pan-sized pancakes? Circle shapes, sure, but have you ever seen pancakes that look like....

- a ninja?
- a shamrock?
- the number 30?
- downward facing dog?

Here's how to fry pancakes in {most} any shape you please. This has long been a favorite of the kids in my life, and something that brings me great joy to share. Eat and enjoy! 
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Step 1: Choose a pancake batter.

Picture of Choose a pancake batter.

Chose a pancake batter. You want to use a recipe that is light and fluffy with a high rise potential. I suggest a recipe such as this vegan recipe that uses baking powder as a leavening agent.

Step 2: Select your filling.

Picture of Select your filling.

Center your pancake craving and select your option add-ins. Are you feeling chocolate chips, or a fruity sweet? Is this the day you go savory with bacon or corn? Mmm.

One you have your filling identified, set it to the side. You will add this to your batter once the batter is in the pan, almost ready to flip. Resist the urge to add to your batter!


Step 3: Assemble your batter.

Picture of Assemble your batter.

Assemble your batter according to your recipe or packaged instructions, remembering to leave any add-ins to the side.


Step 4: Pre-heat cook space.

Picture of Pre-heat cook space.

I recommend a non-stick space or one that's proven easy to grease + flip. This is not a time to risk your food sticking to the pan!

Those are some fabulous pancakes.