Have you seen Mickey Mouse pancakes? Olympics pancakes? Mega, pan-sized pancakes? Circle shapes, sure, but have you ever seen pancakes that look like....

- a ninja?
- a shamrock?
- the number 30?
- downward facing dog?

Here's how to fry pancakes in {most} any shape you please. This has long been a favorite of the kids in my life, and something that brings me great joy to share. Eat and enjoy! 

Step 1: Choose a Pancake Batter.

Chose a pancake batter. You want to use a recipe that is light and fluffy with a high rise potential. I suggest a recipe such as this vegan recipe that uses baking powder as a leavening agent.

you could use dollar store kechup and mustard bottles too. but they'd be hard to clean
Those are some fabulous pancakes.

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