Designer Stainless Steel Mini-fridge





Introduction: Designer Stainless Steel Mini-fridge

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Designer Stainless Steel Mini-fridge
I created this design using 22 gauge stainless steel sheets in brushed and polished finishes.
Geometric shapes and patterns are my preference.
This was inspired from a Moroccan tile pattern.
Working with a thin gauged sheet metal is like working with knives. Literally blood and sweat went into this project.
Black seems to best compliment stainless steel.
I would like to experiment with color combinations in the future and be able to mark the metal with my signature.

Do you think there is any future applying this design style to home kitchen appliances? I welcome all opinions.



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    Yes, I feel that you might be onto something with the designer appliance doors! And the instructions aren't so important on this one, as the concept. Like it alot. This is one that I'd rather buy than make anyways. I already have too many hobbies.

    ok, perhaps you didn't take the hint... this is better than the previously posted video, but it STILL isn't an instructable! please re-publish this with some how-to steps.

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    slideshows are a new feature that are for showing off projects and not necessarily providing instructions.

    Shouldn't this be in the forums instead then? Because it's just a slideshow, not an instructable. It's not helping us out at all. It's also just more of a discussion thing, so it really really feels like it should be in the forums.

    That's why it's a Slideshow and not an Instructable, because it doesn't have to have instructions. You can show off pretty much anything you made and that's the fun part.

    But when looking through how to make things this comes up with no instructions. It's really just annoying. I completely understand the point of having slideshows on here, but I don't like it to be in the middle of real instructables.

    That's why we have labeled them, so you can see if they are a slideshow or video before clicking on them. So if you're only interested in full Instructables, you can easily avoid them. Also if you watch the featured or popular views, you will only see the good videos/slideshows, which should also help filter out the bad stuff.

    Yes, I know they're labeled. But what I'm saying is what if you're interested in the idea and you want to know more.

    Email the creator and ask them how to do it?

    Where did you buy the sheets of stainless steel? I've been looking to do some projects using this same material. Thanks!

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    Talk to your local sheet metal fabrication shops (restaurant kitchen suppliers, duct work, etc)
    It is best to buy and pick-up locally than shipping from a different location.
    Because thin gauged sheet metal can be fragile (dents) and heavy (expensive) for shipping

    If you do not have any local shops, try the link below for small sheets

    The small sheets seem reasonably priced although I only buy large sheets (4'x8') and cut them down for projects.

    Hope this helps.