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I love collage in any form, be it photos or photo frames. When I was a in school I spent my two months pocket money buying all those magazine which featured the Miss World of that time Aishwarya Rai (now a famous international actress) because I wanted to make a collage of her pictures. Oh... the sweet teen age, driven by pure madness :).  Since then collages have been my favorite thing to do with pictures (I did one of Arnold Schwarzenegger (I'll be back:D)  too).

I have been observing a trend of photo frame collages in interior design these days and I always wanted to have photo frame collage wall in my home. I had tons of Ideas for collage photo frame walls, but what could be more better than DIYing all those frames.

I was sure of one thing that I want to give a theme to those photo frames. I had lots of cardboard in my home (I started keeping cardboard even since I created my first cardboard project, a lamp), and I realized that I can use this to create photo frames, frames that demonstrate the beauty of corrugated board. Father's day was also near by so I thought I would use these frames for my childhood photos featuring my parents, My father loved his gift :).

There are cardboard artists who beautifully create corrugated portraits, they are my inspiration for this design. This ible is a work of almost 4 weeks, I am going to show you various methods & tricks on designing with corrugated board with every possible detail I figured out while I learned and created these designer frames. 

In short this ible is my research, learning & outcome about corrugated design.

I have divided this instructable into following sections to explain better. If you think this is a long ible but if you choose to read it, I promise you won't regret. However feel free to jump to any step you wish.
  1. Cardboard or corrugated board
  2. Preparing for corrugated design
  3. Your corrugated design apparatus
  4. First Frame
  5. Designing your first frame
  6. Black Beauty
  7. Playing with rings
  8. Some geometry
  9. Best of waste
  10. Randomness at design
  11. What's more...
Lets make some designer photo frames :]

This instructable is dedicated to my loving Father, my Hero.

Step 1: Cardboard or Corrugated Board. Some Fundamentals.

During my research I came across many facts about cardboard. Though cardboard is easily available and you can experiment a lot with them, however everyone may not have enormous quantity of cardboard (all collected, no purchase made, see image above) as I did. I did lot of practice to actually conclude if my research makes sense or not, which at times was very frustrating (I hope to avoid yours, with my findings :))

For cardboard design experts this information may be trivial but for the rest I hope it is useful.

Is cardboard or corrugated board the same thing?
Yes or No (notice bold font :)). According to wikipedia "Cardboard is a generic term for a heavy-duty paper of various strengths, ranging from a simple arrangement of a single thick sheet of paper to complex configurations featuring multiple corrugated and uncorrugated layers". This includes boxes for cereals, medicines, toys etc.

Whearas Corrugated board is a paper-based material consisting of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat linerboards. It is widely used in the manufacture of corrugated boxes and shipping containers"

But in reality both terms are used interchangeably :)

How to identify corrugated board?
Corrugated board have layers of corrugated paper flutes. Arrangement of flutes determines the type and variety of cardboard. The image above has following explanation (Image Source:http://www.boxesunl.com/thickness-strength.html)
A) Coroplast
B) Chip Board
C) e-Flute
D) b-Flute
E) c-Flute (Standard, Commonly used)
F) Double Wall (c&b Flute) (Commonly used)
G) Triple Wall (Strongest )

How do I know if my cardboard is acid-free or not?
For some of us it means a lot if the cardboard is acid free or not, especially if its is going to be touched quite frequently or when you make something for your kids. You can use a Ph-Test pen sort of thing or check internet to find other ways to test.
How to peel off the top paper layer to reveal the corrugated layer, after all thats the whole beauty...right?
Great question.. next step is dedicated for this question only :)
<p>Great instructions, Tarun! You've covered almost every possible use of cardboard for photo framing. I'll surely implement some of your ideas. Thanks a lot.</p>
<p>Thanks Tarun for the wonderfull idea.</p>
<p>Wow!! This is great. Looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing :)</p>
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<p>very nice and well conceived. All that matters is the creativity in you! Kudos!</p>
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such an awesome instructable. Love the way you think. Amazing bro :) Namaste !
<p>Namaste Vikalpah !! Thank you for your kinds words :) </p>
Very beautiful as always..Process nicely explained. .. :)
<p>Sorry Dishi to respond so late :( I missed to see your comment among so many of them . Thank you so much for your kind words :)</p>
<p>This is amazing.. i am going to make these.. I want to make a photo wall in my room. These frames would be ideal :)</p>
<p>Thank you so much Arundhati :), please do share when you make one :)</p>
<p>Hi Tarun,</p><p>I've been following iBles for years now. Today I stumbled upon your profile - I think it was the featured author contest. Your passion for corrugated boards is unmatched man! It's fascinating to see the photos and techniques you have shared. Thank you very much. It is very inspiring. I also think I've reached the same stage as you when corporate life has started getting to me and my old handicraft skills are beckoning. Strongly :) </p><p>Congrats on being the first countryman to be 'featured'. Again many thanks for the detailed explanations peppered with light-hearted quips. I made an account today just to thank you for sharing your techniques. </p><p>Will be sure to let you know when I come up with something. Rock on, brother!</p>
<p>I can not tell you how happy I have become to read your comment :). Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation, it means a lot to me. I'm glad you liked my style.</p><p>I would love to see your creations here and it would be really great if you can post something for my contest.</p><p>Again , thanks for motivation :) </p>
<p>Hey Tarun, Guess what. I've followed up the flowery words with concrete action :) No I didn't crush the flower, I actually made my first instructible and posted to your contest. It's not showing up yet so I'm not sure when to start breathing. Do check it out and let me know what you think. After the contest of course. Hahah! Last thing I want is to be known is for influencing judges. Thanks for the inspiration man. I had good fun doing it.</p>
<p>Awesome!!!! :). So happy to know that.</p>
<p>You are amazing! Namaste xx</p>
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Never thought about this wavy aspect if cardboard! Cool!
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love it!!!
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congratulations...ur work iz awsom,,
Thank you so much :)
Congratulations... you are a winner
Thank you good Sir.
Congratulations! you deserve the win, awesome work!
Thank you so much Muhaiminah :) for all your support &amp; appreciation.
Congratulations on your win! I'm sure your dad is very proud of you...mom too of course :-)
Thank you so much Shazni :). Due to my out-station job, It took me 8 years to do this for him :(. This Father's day I really made my dad &amp; mom very happy :). <br>I am very happy about it.
Congrats dude for the win!
Thank you so much dude :[)
Very creative work.Can't believe that these are from cardboard.Sorry it took me awhile to see this.I am on holidays travelling since mid June.
Thank you so much for taking time from your vacations:), there is nothing to be sorry, we all have priorities. Please check this out as well <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Cardboard-Jewelry-A-full-set/ <br>I am sure you will love it.
Very creative and cool. Nice work and congrats! <br>
Thank you so much :), congrats to you too :[)
My favorite one is the triangular one - I love your style! :) Looks amazing&gt; I also love the one with the circles. They all look great though! It would have been too boring if they were all similar.
The triangular one is the one I made last, therefore it resulted in finish and perfection :). You will not believe if I tell you that I have at least five more designs in my mind all unique :) I hope to add them too, just gotta find some time. <br>Thank you so much :), your comments means a lot me.
Wow great job Tarun - sorry it took me so long to see this!!! :) WOW!!! The frames look really nice&gt; I love all the differing styles. Very unique and creative!!!
Thank you so much Holly :), I will be honest, I missed you comments here :)
Faved! Love this!!!
Many Thanks Bajablue :)
Words can't be enough to describe your creativity! excellent work. Voted!
Thank you so much Muhaiminah :), Thank you for taking time to visit during your studies.
Wonderful! I want to try this. And I WILL vote for you (I've never voted for anything on this site!)
Gratitude :). Please do let me know should you need any help. Thank you for your interest.
I think I know everything I will need to know about cardboard for the rest of my life :) This was a fantastic, well thought out and informational Instructable! Thank you so much for your hard work!!

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