Designing a LEGO Speaker System for IPod





Introduction: Designing a LEGO Speaker System for IPod

I made a speaker system for iPod from LEGOs and an old iPod docking station. Get tips and design ideas here.

Step 1: Step 1-Demensions and Tricks

You need to figure out the LEGO dimensions for a speaker system (e.g.-9 studs x 12 studsx29 studs). Be sure to put alot of time into this step or it won't work. Also a trick is using long peices until you need small 1 stud peices.

Step 2: The Design and Faceplate

You might want to make a faceplate for it like using flat peices being sure not to cover the speaker. (Just like I did)

Step 3: <~The Sources~>

The sources, OK, it is the hardest part. You need a place to put a battery if it is battery operated or a power cable if it is not. I took the easy path and had the stuff bought for me. Another good thing to have for music is an iPod.

Step 4: The Ugly Rear

You need to make a rear compartment for power and input also a switch compartment. Easy? No. you really need to spend some TIME on this. Use the picture of the back as a cheat.

Step 5: Dock the S.S. IPod

You need a dock for this thing if you really want to get it going. You may want to get one of those one-peice docking stations so you don't have to spend all night rearranging it.

Step 6: Rock Out!

You might want to use it a couple times to get used to the muffled sound before you destroy it. I did this the first time and I forgot to take pics =(.



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    Very cool project. If only my legos were color coordinated! Anyways if you are trying to show something off use the slideshow feature please. :-)