Designing a customized trophy award with 123D Design Online

Picture of Designing a customized trophy award with 123D Design Online
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Last month a couple of my teammates did awesome job on their projects and deserve recognition.   We decided to add some personal touch to the gift by creating ones using 123D Design Online!  Here’s come a customized trophy with individual name printed.

Autodesk 123D Design Online:
Autodesk 3D Print Utility

3D Printer:
MakerBot Replicator 2
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Step 1: Modeling in 123D Design Online

You can refer to video below for how to create the model from scratch using 123D Design Online.
If you want to save time, you can click this link to edit the model and add your own name directly:

Step 2: Add your name on trophy

Picture of Add your name on trophy
To add your name on trophy just use ‘Text’ command, and place the text object to correct position(snap to the trophy’s side face center as shown above).

123D Design Online only supports English characters text for now, if you want to add a non-English text, take Chinese as an example, you can use 123D Design Online’s import SVG function
1. Input Chinese characters in 2D vector software, such as Adobe Illustrator.
2. Create outline for the text object, then save as SVG file in local disk.
3. In 123D Design Online, select ‘Import’ item from application menu.
4. Choose the save SVG file and open, it will import in the current project, and generate the solid shape automatically.

Step 3: Use text elements to make two handles

Picture of Use text elements to make two handles
The handle looks like a ‘C’ shape, it is very difficult to build this shape with the current primitive shapes. So here is a clever way to create handles using text elements.
1. Add a text object in the canvas, modify the input text to capital ‘C’.
2. Reposition C shape to the body of trophy, snap to the key point.
3. Rotate and modify it to proper angle that you expected.
4. Click ‘Smart Position’ tool in top toolbar, reposition the handle onto the center of trophy.
5. Press CTRL key and rotate the first handle with 180 degree, you will get a duplicate one.
Mindmapper12 years ago
excellent well done
Richard lu2 years ago
Cool. I like the customized trophy.