Designing and building an synthesizer with Meeblip and Arduino, added videos!

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Picture of Designing and building an synthesizer with Meeblip and Arduino, added videos!
For my internship at Create Digital Music/Meeblip I've created quite a fun little synthesizer. This thing is meant to be more flexible than other synthesizer by making it completely independent; it is battery powered, has its own amplifier/speaker and is controlled by a manually operated sequencer. Inspiration for this form comes from my frustrations with most synthesizers: that I can't just take them out and jam with friends!

The previous iteration of this Instructable did not feature any sound or video of the actual synth, which is quite essential to see if you want to build something! Other changes include some reworked text, in an effort to make the project more clear for anyone trying to build it.

I've entered this Instructable in a few contests, so if you like it, please vote for me by pressing the 'vote' button on the upper right corner!

A great video where Stefany June plays the instrument and I talk about it for a bit.

A quick video of a jam I did together with Roel playing electric guitar

A quick video of a jam I did with the synthesizer in Jasper's electronic setup

This instructable shows how I made my prototype and describes how you could make your own. It won't go into super-deep detail, but if want to build it and you need some clarification or help with the code, please don't hesitate to contact me!

More details can be found in the report I wrote.

This document and all included research and illustrations, are covered by a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The hardware designs, schematics and code are provided under GPL v3. This means that you can rebuild and improve on this project as you wish, just let me an Meeblip know!

If you want to know more about me, check me out at http://www.arvidjense.com 
thirst4know2 years ago
Some head is going to master that thing and amaze all.
antioch2 years ago
Aw, wonderful, man! Every inch and aspect of it!
ArvidJense (author)  antioch2 years ago
bjvdb2 years ago
nice one! don't forget to vote
ArvidJense (author)  bjvdb2 years ago
Thanks man!
rfirmino1 year ago
This is something really great, in every aspects of it.. really like the videos, but Stefany June is pure awesomeness as well.. But one of the things I enjoyed most was that you said on the first photo description: "Stefany June playing my instrument".. :D Dont get me wrong, I didn't mean to be rude in anyway, but I'm portuguese, I can't avoid it... ;)

Congrats and continue the good work.

I'm on your blog, and you just earned an subscriber..
xenor2 years ago
Nice job! Looks great and sounds great. Brilliant vocalist doesn't hurt either :)
Beta Mode2 years ago
This is an amazing synth! ArvidJense, just wondering if you and I could collaberate on this awesome device, and make it a product? Btw im 13 & 1/2!
KWHCoaster2 years ago
Interesting project.

BTW, here is the Korg Monotron used in some songs:


ArvidJense (author)  KWHCoaster2 years ago
Great, though I've yet to see someone use it in an 'acoustic' live performance. Though I mostly use it for soundscaping, I really love my monontron as well.
wsecomp2 years ago
Soo...it's a Moog without a keyboard. :)
armstk1802 years ago
Nice job man :)
Is she your tester? ;-D