Tekina - the Optimal Bow is a functional artwork that merges the worlds of Archery, Art and Technology.

One of our philosophies at Aminimal studio is that complexity can be simple. So, We wanted to share the simple ways to start thinking about design with generative software, Dreamcatcher, as an approach to designing digitally organic forms and how to think of generative design strategy.

Step 1: Passion

Step 1 has nothing to do with design, 3D modeling, or making...

It's about being passionate about the things you love and learning about culture.

Archery has been a recent interest and we have begun the research of different cultural archery styles. By applying our passion and creativity, We wanted to redefine a bow by redefining its design to perform better.

We were inspire by James Clear's Marginal gains

<p>Nice work, I think I saw the riser in the metal shop at some point. I was trying to do the same exact scan with my recurve bow riser, and got a lot of frustration while scanning the thinner sides (front or back). The Artec Eva would get lost consistently.</p><p>Now I see why yours succeeded, the scanner was static and you use a rotating stool with a really helpful holding jig.</p><p>I'm just trying to mill a copy of my riser in the Shopbot/DMS, no dreamcatcher involved. Do you happen to still have the STL of the original riser somewhere?</p>

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Bio: AMINIMAL Studio is a Brooklyn-based company focused on researching complex systems and emerging technologies as an approach to designing 21st century products. Lana Blum Briscella ... More »
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