Step 8: Final Thoughts

The original thought in using PVC was to use it as a conduit, and have the monitor cables run through the pipe.  While this will probably work with VGA cables, I am using DVI and the connector was just too large to fit through into the pipe.  If you decide to do this, please be aware that you will first have to run the cable up to the top of the pipe and then down and to your computer.  if your cables are long enough, this will be no problem, but most cables are only about 6' and it will be difficult to get the cable to run the length you need to.  All in all, I am pleased with how this turned out.  As you can see, this design lends itself quite easily to adjustments.  While the monitor cannot tilt (forward/back & side to side), you can adjust the height, and it can swivel left to right.  You can leave the conduit holder a little loose to allow for this left to right movement, or tighten everything down to hold solid.  I did have the inclination to convert this to a dual monitor stand, which you could do by simply getting a larger piece of backboard wood and mounting both monitors to it and setting the conduit holders (you would probably want 2 for stability and strength) where they meet instead of in the center of the monitor like in this example.  However, I did not know if the weight would be a problem.  Plus, I don't do a whole of graphical design or video editing so a dual monitor setup for me would just be eye candy.  So there you have it.  Desktop monitor mount for less than $20.  Feel free to leave comments/improvements/criticisms and I will try to do better on my next write up.  Thanks for looking.