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This is easy to make with everyday products. It looks good and works great. 
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Elmers wood glue
Making Tape--- one roll
Screws------4 that properly fit in a 5/32 inch hole
Notebook Paper------8.5’’-11’’
Calculator-------TI-30 6’’-3’’ front and back  6’’-1’’ sides
Base Wood For Paper------9’’x1.5’’ One piece 1.5’’ thickness
Front/Back wood for paper------9’’x13’’ Two pieces 0.5’’ thickness
Sidewall wood for paper-----3’’x11.5’’ One piece 0.5’’ thickness
Ruler Wood for Backwall------12.5”x1.375”
Sidewall wood for ruler-----12.5”x0.5”
Drillbit------5/32 in
.5/1'' wooden dowel
Hot Glue Gun with glue
PVC Pipe---- .5''-2''
90 degree PVC connectors---- 2

Step 2: Cutting the wood

Picture of Cutting the wood
Using a ruler and a marker mark all of the wood so that you can cut it straight and at the proper dimensions. Cut all of the wood using a saw.

Once the wood is cut, using the sandpaper make sure the sides of each piece of wood is smooth.

Step 3: Making the paper holder

Picture of Making the paper holder
Take all of the wood for the paper holder.

Connect the backwall of the paper holder to the side of the base by drilling four holes with a 5/32 inch width, two inches apart from each other

Step 4: Paper holder continued

Picture of Paper holder continued
Connect the sidewall to the backwall of the paper holder using the wood glue.

When all of the wood is glued together to make a box clamp the glued areas together until the glue dries properly. 

Step 5: Ruler Holder

Picture of Ruler Holder
Take the wood for the back wall and set it aside. Take the cardboard and measure 4 12''x.5'' and hot glue two of them on top of each other so you have two 1.5''x1'' pieces of cardboard. 

Sand the cardboard so the edges are smooth

Step 6: Ruler Holder Continued

Picture of Ruler Holder Continued
When the glue dries connect the sidewalls to the open end of the paper sidewall with hot glue

Then when the sidewalls are done hot glue the back of the ruler holder so it makes a box

If the sidewalls are taller than the back wall then you can cut off the tops so that it is even.