Picture of Desk Pets Made Out of Shells
Have you ever wondered what to do with all of the shells that you have leftover from the beach? If you have, you should make these little desk pets. They are nice for decorating your desk and they also work as paperweights! I hope you like them!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Various types of shells
Super Glue or Hot Glue
Clean Workspace

triumphman4 years ago
Awesome, love the frog, since I just entered my contest instr. called "Frog Whisperer Part 1" Nice job with the shells! Did you see my "Seashell Armada" Instr. ? Check it out sometime. Thanks again!
7katz (author)  triumphman4 years ago
Your seashell armada is very neat!
ChrysN4 years ago
Nicely done, those are really cute!
7katz (author)  ChrysN4 years ago
Thank you!