Desk Set Pen and Business Card Holder - Whitetail Deer Antlers





Introduction: Desk Set Pen and Business Card Holder - Whitetail Deer Antlers

Not being the one to let any of my "scrap" go to waste, after turning a couple pens from deer antlers, I was eager to come up with a use for the base of tne antler that I had not used.

I trimmed the bottom of the deer antler to be in line with the hair line, or base of the anter.  I then cut each anter to length of about 2' each.

Next was the "tricky" part.    Using my dado blade on the table saw, I ran about a 9/16" groove on the "inside" of each antler.  Please be careful!  This was pretty scary using such small pieces of material on a dado jig.  Maybe someone out there can come up with a simpler (and safer) way to do this.

I then "Rounded" off the top of the cut antlers and polished them.   I predrilled holes through a piece of walnut and mounted the two antler bases apart the width of a business card.

I then took a tip from a whitetail antler and cut an angled base to it so I could again predrill a hole in the wood and antler to use as a pen holder.   Drilling a small angled hole in the wood where the tip of the pen would fit finished off the project.

Took a bit of time and some "yankee inginuity", but overall I think the project turned out pretty good.   

Would be interested in hearing how others found uses for deer antlers.

Thanks, Don



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It so nice but after an event, I normal have so lot of business cards. So I use to keep them. Only 1 minutes for store 20 business cards by Iphone ỏ Android phone

Wow, that's amazing! I love the look of the horn on that wood, the grain is really impressive with the colour of the antler.

Is the pen in the first picture made from a spent shell?

The pen in the first picture is made from a spent 50 cal cartridge. The 50 Cal pen kit was purchased It really cleans up brilliantly with Flitz or Brasso (Flitz is quicker and does a better job), however the natural pitina of the brass shell will eventually require that it needs polished again, if you want the bright shine. I have made quite a few of the 50 cal pens and also the 30 cal's. They are in pretty high demand, depending upon the material which you use for blanks. Personally i prefer using deer antlers or there are several different kinds of camoflauge acrylic you can use, woodland, desert, winter, even pink. Lots of fun to make. Dont make much money on them because I usually end up giving them away to my friends and family!

that's rather nice

That's excellent. I know a lot of people that would love that on their desk. :)