Desk Toilet Roll Holder



Introduction: Desk Toilet Roll Holder

When you have a cold the most irritating thing is to be caught short without anything to catch the snot in other than your sleeve. Whilst at work, and quite rightly so,  it goes against every principle to waste your precious pennies on buying your own tissues when a simple bog roll is so easy to smuggle out of the toilets. The only downside to this is that you run the risk of coming in one morning to find out that one of your colleagues has stolen said bog roll from your desk rather than pinching their own from the toilets. It's just cheeky and highly bad form. 

I set about trying to deter these pesky people by simply cutting up an old bendy file (I'm not entirely sure of their proper name but hopefully you can see by the photo the ones I mean) and using several drawing pins to attach it to the divider between my desk and the next one. It works rather well if I do say so myself. 



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