This is a Mini terrarium that I recently made. You can make many variations like swapping the jar for a bulb or using other plants!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
a jar,
a shovel,
branch cutters,
a hammer,
and a nail.

Step 2: Collecting the Plants and Moss

The next step is to collect the plants, soil and moss. the moss is almost necessary to hold the soil together.

Step 3:

Then i used a nail to make some holes in the lid for the water to evaporate as the jar didn't have holes on the base

Step 4: Finished

It's so cute! i need to make one!
For anyone wanting to make this, I do not recommend clovers an they die too easily <br>
Nice ible, great way to add some life to a boring cubicle desk. You did a great job. Thanks.
I love it. Great project, great photos, very simple and splendid.

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