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Introduction: Desk Toy - a Knex Ball Machine

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My newest knex machine! Every machine I make is my new favorite after I make it, and this is no exception! with not very many pieces (5-6K) making a normal free-standing machine with the basic formula: lifts/networks, path separators, and then paths, is bound to get lost in the sea of other knex machines just like it. And the only ones you actually remember, are the ones masterly crafted by knex experts with a lot more pieces then I could hope to have.

So, I wanted to try making a unique knex machine that stands out without needing tons of pieces. (Inspired by "Off the Wall" and "TurnPike" both made by I-am-Canadian) My first idea was a knex machine that was spinning the whole time, that idea almost worked, but I didn't a strong enough motor... And in hindsight, I probably need a super buff motor to make that idea work. This was my next idea, a machine that went all around my desk in one path! It was a lot of fun to build, and is one of my most consistent knex machines up to date!



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Looks really great :D

Nice build! I really like it!

Good job, small and cool ^^

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