I've build a Desk Weather Station by using Arduino, DHT11, DS3231 and BMP280 sensors. The Arduino is collecting data from Sensors and the data is displayed on the LCD. The menu for displaying and setting Date&Time is controlled by four push buttons.

You could repeat this instructable or use it as part for an other project.

The following links were very useful for understanding and using the sensors:


Step 1: Components

You will need:

1) Arduino.
2) LCD Display .
3) DHT11 - Temperature & Humidity Sensor.
4) DS3231 - Real Time Clock Module (and a battery for keeping the time&date).
5) BMP280 - Barrometric Sensor.
6) Potensiometer 10kohm.
7) Resistors 4x10kohm, 1x220ohm.
8) Pushbuttons x4.
9) Jump wires.
10) Breadboard.

Step 2: Circuit Schematics

Assemble the circuit according to the schematics.

Step 3: Load the Sketch

Download the zip file with the sketch and libraries, and load it to Arduino.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Desk Weather Station

Wow nice way of using separate push buttons, I have to try this. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work :)

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