The problem:
I have a limited amount of space in my room, but since I spend a majority of my time in here I feel the need to cram as much a possible into it. Among these things is a 47 inch flat screen that dominates the 8.5X12 foot space I have to work with. The TV had to be viewable from as much of the room as possible, be at eye level, and be near my computer. Easy right? Just slap it on top of the desk...

Well, my desk had a hutch that was just slightly too narrow and way too short to accommodate the TV so this project was born.
If you have a desktop hutch that is too small to accommodate your  TV or you are looking to build a hutch from scratch, look no further!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Materials and tools
First off you need a desk to start with, next you'll need:

1.) Tape Measure
2.) Level
3.) Power drill
4.) Appropriate size drill bit(s) - This will depend on the size of wood screws you need. **Rule of thumb, if you can see both the thread and just barely make out the shaft of the screw when the drill bit is placed on top of it, you are golden.**
5.) Wood screws - Ideally you want to use a wood screw that is long enough to penetrate the wood you are building with and at least 2/3rds past it into the wood you are joining it to. I went with 2X12 lumber so I chose 2.5 inch screws X 8, and 1.5 inch screws X 4
6.) Lumber- This is really a matter of preference, but my choice was to go with big beefy 2X12's since I wanted an overhang to help reduce glare from my ceiling light.
7.) Corner braces X 4

Optional materials and tools:
1.) Table saw - If you are building a hutch from scratch you can get around using this tool by getting the salesman at home depot to cut your lumber to length. (Make sure that the salesman zeros out the angle of the blade, and mark the wood AFTER EACH CUT YOURSELF with your own tape measure in order to make sure it is cut to the dimensions you need).  For optional overhead storage modify an existing hutch, consider a stop by your local walmart/target/similar store and pick up some cheap shelves/drawers or BUILD YOUR OWN!
2.) Paint
3.) Fabric and cord trim

Lets get started!

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