Step 2: Measure out the dimensions carefully!

If you bungle this step you'll waste time, money, and effort so get it right before moving on.

You'll want to measure out the width of your desk surface, if your TV width is greater than this measurement, you will have to do a lot more work and engineering to get the structure to support its own weight. Remember that its sitting on top of your expensive TV. Of course I take no responsibility for any damages to you or your property should anything fail so with that disclaimer out of the way, it is possible to make it work but that would require a whole new tutorial. For the purposes of this instuctable I will assume that your TV fits horizontally on the desktop with about an inch to spare on either side.

This horizontal measurement is going to be used for the top surface of your hutch, BUT IT IS NOT COMPLETE.
In order to complete the measurement you need to add on the additional width of the lumber you are going to use

My desktop is 43 and 5/8 inches wide, since I am using lumber that is 1.5 inches wide (each) for the vertical supports, I need to add 3 inches to my measurement for the top surface to go from the outside edge of one vertical support to the other. as you can see, the exact measurement of the top surface is 46 and 5/8 inches

Standard Lumber is 1.5 inches thick and shorter than their stated width, for instance a 2X4 is 1.5 inches by 3.5 inches and a 2X12 is actually 1.5 inches by 11.25, take this into account before purchasing lumber.  

You will need one of these cut.

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