Desk-top Soldering Press! (with L.E.D)


Step 9: How to use

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finally, take your two wires or components you wish to solder, and strip the two ends. fray them and slide them into each other. then wrap it in about 1 inch of solder. place it on the bottom electrode, and press down. it will heat up instantly and suck the solder on to the wire. you never have to heat up your soldering iron again!


~ Josh
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I made one but it doesn't melt the solder. I use a power source of 15v 500mA and it only make sparks when I move the wires and doesn't melt the solder. any suggestions?
kruser495 (author)  tgferreira1841 year ago
you need higher current. something like 2-4 amps
Wait a sec, where does the power come from? I must keep missing it. _?_ -
I also don't really understand it :/
Ooh I see now!

but you have to wrap the soldering wire around the connection?

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