Picture of Touch Sensitive Audio Desk Trays- Arduino

After having completed my first Arduino project (which can be found here) I wanted to try and create something that had more of a practical use. My idea behind this project was a way of aiding the visually impaired.

By the end of this project you will have created some touch sensitive desk trays which use audio labels that are re-recordable.

Feel free to modify it and make it your own once you have completed these steps.

During this tutorial I have provided serveral links to Arduino's own tutorials and more about Arduino can be found here.

Hovering over the image squares gives you more information.

Total time to complete: 1.5 hours (you do not need to complete all of this in one sitting)

Please note that as always you will need a computer with USB capabilities to program your Arduino.

Step 1: Things you will need

Step 2: Touch sensitive pin with 1 LED

Step 3: Making touch sensitive with 3 LEDs

Step 4: Connecting up the trays

Step 5: Attaching the speaker

Step 6: Attaching the microphones

Step 7: Adding a recording button

Step 8: Finished product

Step 1: Things you will need:

Picture of Things you will need:


  • Arduino Uno (£22.19)
  • 9 V Mains Power Supply (500 mA minimum, 2.1mm center-positive plug) (£6.72)
  • USB cable type A Male to type B Male (£8.93)
  • Solder (£0.89) - missing from images
  • Wire
  • 3 * Conductive Desk Trays (£15)

Circuit Components

  • mini push button (£3.20)
  • 3 * LED (£2.89 for 75)
  • 3 * 150 ohm resistor (£1.04 for 100) (colour code = brown, green, brown, gold)
  • 3* 1 Mohm resistor (£0.20 for 20) (colour code = brown, black , black , yellow, brown)
  • Female to Male jumper pins (£1.70)
  • Male to Male jumper pins (£5.99)
  • 8-ohm speaker with cable (£2.48)


Tools - missing from images

  • Soldering Iron (£8.99)
  • Wire strippers (£2.68)
  • Small flathead screw driver (£2)

Total Cost

Materials : £53.73

Circuit Components: £17.50

Hardware: £11.60

Tools : £13.67


switch621 year ago

Great Idea.

You should enter this into the Arduino Contest.

roshenac (author)  switch621 year ago

it has now been accepted :)

Hi, have voted for you.
roshenac (author)  switch621 year ago

Thanks :) I have, just waiting for it to be accepted

hunter9991 year ago

Great idea and concept. I will definitely vote when its accepted! :-)

roshenac (author)  hunter9991 year ago

it has now been accepted :)

Cool! Voted :-) I hope to see more of your 'Ibles! :D

roshenac (author)  hunter9991 year ago

Thanks :)

alipor1 year ago

ایرانی ها هر کجای دنیا باشن از فرش زیر پاشون معلومه ایرانی هستن

agis68 alipor1 year ago

i agree....:)

roshenac (author)  alipor1 year ago


roshenac (author) 1 year ago

If you like it, please give it a vote for the laser competition and arduino competition (when it is accepted)

nice work

this would be very helpful for blind people

looking forward for your next instructable

roshenac (author)  palestinian-warrior1 year ago

thanks :) I have already started my next project so hopefully have it up by may

AgentArod1 year ago
What does it do?
roshenac (author)  AgentArod1 year ago

I wanted to try out touch sensitive capabilities and create something that could aid the visually impaired. Rather than labelling the desk trays, when touched the desk trays "speak" the labels. This spoken label is also re-recordable.