After having completed my first Arduino project (which can be found here) I wanted to try and create something that had more of a practical use. My idea behind this project was a way of aiding the visually impaired.

By the end of this project you will have created some touch sensitive desk trays which use audio labels that are re-recordable.

Feel free to modify it and make it your own once you have completed these steps.

During this tutorial I have provided serveral links to Arduino's own tutorials and more about Arduino can be found here.

Hovering over the image squares gives you more information.

Total time to complete: 1.5 hours (you do not need to complete all of this in one sitting)

Please note that as always you will need a computer with USB capabilities to program your Arduino.

Step 1: Things you will need

Step 2: Touch sensitive pin with 1 LED

Step 3: Making touch sensitive with 3 LEDs

Step 4: Connecting up the trays

Step 5: Attaching the speaker

Step 6: Attaching the microphones

Step 7: Adding a recording button

Step 8: Finished product

Step 1: Things You Will Need:


  • Arduino Uno (£22.19)
  • 9 V Mains Power Supply (500 mA minimum, 2.1mm center-positive plug) (£6.72)
  • USB cable type A Male to type B Male (£8.93)
  • Solder (£0.89) - missing from images
  • Wire
  • 3 * Conductive Desk Trays (£15)

Circuit Components

  • mini push button (£3.20)
  • 3 * LED (£2.89 for 75)
  • 3 * 150 ohm resistor (£1.04 for 100) (colour code = brown, green, brown, gold)
  • 3* 1 Mohm resistor (£0.20 for 20) (colour code = brown, black , black , yellow, brown)
  • Female to Male jumper pins (£1.70)
  • Male to Male jumper pins (£5.99)
  • 8-ohm speaker with cable (£2.48)


Tools - missing from images

  • Soldering Iron (£8.99)
  • Wire strippers (£2.68)
  • Small flathead screw driver (£2)

Total Cost

Materials : £53.73

Circuit Components: £17.50

Hardware: £11.60

Tools : £13.67


<p>Great Idea. </p><p>You should enter this into the Arduino Contest.</p>
<p>it has now been accepted :)</p>
Hi, have voted for you.
<p>Thanks :) I have, just waiting for it to be accepted</p>
<p>Great idea and concept. I will definitely vote when its accepted! :-)</p>
<p>it has now been accepted :)</p>
<p>Cool! Voted :-) I hope to see more of your 'Ibles! :D</p>
<p>Thanks :) </p>
<p>ایرانی ها هر کجای دنیا باشن از فرش زیر پاشون معلومه ایرانی هستن </p>
<p>i agree....:)</p>
<p>If you like it, please give it a vote for the laser competition and arduino competition (when it is accepted)</p>
<p>nice work </p><p>this would be very helpful for blind people </p><p>looking forward for your next instructable </p>
<p>thanks :) I have already started my next project so hopefully have it up by may </p>
What does it do?
<p>I wanted to try out touch sensitive capabilities and create something that could aid the visually impaired. Rather than labelling the desk trays, when touched the desk trays &quot;speak&quot; the labels. This spoken label is also re-recordable.</p>

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