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This is a CNC machine made out of left over parts from my schools robot build.  The only thing we paid for was the circuit board to run it.  Grand total of about $70.  This was made with no directions, all of it was trial and error.  This should get you started if you want to build one.

Step 1:

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1.  I started with an aluminum base (19.25 wide, 13.5 deep and .25 thick)
2.  On to that is mounted the two uprights (10.25").

3.  And in between is the cross brace (16.25")

4.  Also mounted to the base is two pieces of 1.5" aluminum angle which two 24" full extension drawer slide are mounted to for the Y   Axis.

Great instructables, i found stepper motor, stepper motor driver and psu on here http://goo.gl/zT0D7b is it good deal?

ace1011932 years ago
Could you specify what accuglide rails and slides you used and there size
Benjamir852 years ago
ohh genius
krissh00092 years ago
Sir please provide the information about
25. 3 Axis TB6560 CNC Driver Stepper Board Controller 2.5A wiring.
am using 6Lead nema23 287oz-in stepper motors......,Thank you.
My mail id is: krissh0009@gmail.com
AtomRat2 years ago
Great CNC 'ible! I have looked for these 'square' stepper motors for almost 2 years and unsuccessfully found none. So I guess I will have to ebay for them. If I am to make this project by buying the electronics on ebay ( if I can find them ), what would the project cost roughly be if you know?
I used their motor 7 board for one project.
Not ardino abut you could build the thing and learn abit .
jacobsbr (author)  AtomRat2 years ago
Found my motors on ebay a couple years ago. Not sure on the total price, but I will try to get something together. Almost everything was in a junk pile or scrapped off old equipment.
What were the motors scrapped off? I collect heaps off piles, bin jumping and tip visiting, but have never found them. Or were they just a lucky one in the scrap bin. I can make up an estimate price now that I know what the motors are called anywho.
You can find smaller stepper motors in many printers, fax machines, and scanners.
I think you are looking for Nema style motors
Thank you, exactly what I am after. This will help with my searches
NEMA 23 usually 17s are small and 34s are big. Oh, and make your NEMA 23s double stacks too.
pfred2 AtomRat2 years ago
There are a few specs that affect stepper motor performance. There are lousy square stepper motors too. You want motors with low voltage and inductance ratings, high current doesn't hurt either. Oh and bipolar. Unipolar motors are meh, they work, but they're not nearly as good as bipolar ones.
melissap012 years ago
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AtomRat2 years ago
Thanks, I've been wondering if I could use those motors as well. I have several hundreds of printer, scanner motors. I just did not know if the bigger ones would support it and did not bother to test them until I got an answer, so thank you heaps :)
useraaaaa2 years ago
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useraaaaa2 years ago
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