I'm Ben, a Geek from China!

I want to make many things by my own hands.

But without a CNC I can't get started, so first things first, I need to build a desk top CNC router with usb connector.

See those pictures.
Hello,<br><br>I really like your design! I'm wondering where you got the aluminum pieces for the table and for the X-axis rails to lay on? Could I get part numbers if you have them? Thanks!
<div> &nbsp; The rails look like SBR12's ... (supported bearing rail, 12mm); the bearing blocks would then be SBR12UU or SBR12LUU (short and long versions) - you can find sets of rails in sizes from 12mm to 25mm on ebay - a set of six rails (2 ea. 200mm, 300mm, 450mm) and 12 bearing blocks runs about $150~$160 and are very nice. End Supported rails are available, but the SBRs are a very good value and there are many pkgs available.<br> &nbsp;</div> &nbsp; You can find leadscrews and ballscrews as well as the stepper motors and drivers there also. 12mm is a good size for small cnc's with dremel or trim routers. Tons and tons of good advice over @ cnczone.com forums.
check &quot;80/20&quot; on ebay - they sell aluminum extrusions - or just search 'aluminum extrusions' there - lots of nice erector set kinda stuff.
hi, we sell kits, we are improving the design now, check our website<br>www.taomaker.com
we are improving the design recently, i will publish the new one when we're done, please check<br>www.taomaker.com<br>thanks.
What motor controller and software and any other electronic parts did you use? I'm still trying to figure out the whole computer to cnc movement part
中国朋友做的不错 <br>
Dude how much did u spend on this set.....?<br>and could it be used on metal projects..?
Hi! Nice job, I must to build one. Could you tell me please the exact types and sizes of linear bearings? Or have you any documentation now?
Hey nice job, i wana build one too but m still worried about the budget, and m also thinking to upgrade it with some softwares =)
Hi Ben, Can u make one for me. I may pay for u.<br>Let's chat in qq.<br>any way, good job.<br>886
i'm improve it right. it can be better. where are you? when do you want it?myqq is 179479428
Hey!! where i can get one of this? you made it yourself but how cost it all??<br>
we need to revise it and make it more reliable,after that we will publish it. the cost it not high, we want to make it affordable for everyone.
por favor podrias decir que contrloadora usas para mover tus motores
Nice make - You have a laser cutter what do you need a CNC router for??
Lasers can't cut around corners?
Lasers can cut round corners, I believe.
They can cut round corners, but not AROUND corners - CNC can cut slots under edges etc.
In 3 D ? Suppose not. Still my choice would be a good set of hand tools and the skill to use them before I embarked on building a CNC system if I wanted to make things. A small scale CNC system is very limited.
ok, i confess that was just an excuse. all i want is to build a cnc for fun.
No problems with that :-) It;s something I consider on occasion.<br><br>PS your English is excellent.
my friend has a laser cutter,he made the parts for me.
This looks very well done. Precision pieces cut by a laser must be nice. Would love to see a Video of this machine working/cutting.<br>Any chance of a PDF of the parts list, and a schematic?
i tried upload the video but failed,please click this:<br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9_ygjgux08
sure,i will upload a video soon. as for the parts list, there are some parts need to be revised, after that I will publish them as well.
nice :)<br>what X-series tablet is that i see there?
what does that mean?the X-series is the longest one, the one at the bottom.
i meant the laptop X3<br>looks like a lenovo (ibm) tablet pc<br>i got x41 and x61 versions, the one u have there looks a little different tho
i got two,the one in the photo is an x60, next to it was an x200t
neat, i got the x61 notebook and tablet versions and a couple of old x41 tablets.<br>pretty neat since they use wacom digitizers. a tip tho, use the drivers from wacoms site and not the lenovo updater ;) they are better
i'll try. thanks!
also i'd love to build a cnc if i had the space X3
what does that mean?the X-series is the longest one, the one at the bottom.

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