Picture of Cell phone Desktop Stand

i was thinking instead of my phone just lying on my desk / PC Station ,I can make a stand to prop my phone up , so away i went to the garage and in less than 10 minutes i came back with an  A frame style stand pretty basic i thought and easy , a week went by testing the stand of its flaws and how i can make it better , and christmas was a week away , i also thought i can make each of my 3x sisters one as well  , so cutting away  and using a torch (map gas)   for the bending/ shaping  Dremel for grinding and cutting , wet sanded the surface for a dull smooth finish  glued down  some toolbox liner  to the bottom of stand to keep from slipping on the desk and to keep the phone on the  stand  which all worked out great   

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Step 1: Start Cutting

Picture of Start Cutting
cutting from the 24" x 24"  sheet of ABS  on a mini band saw

Step 5: Front foot of the stand

to heat about an inch from the edge, when it starts to warp place the edge on the bench and hold it down till it hardens ,(i had one of those 6" cage fans on the bench to help with the cooling

Step 6: Second bend

Picture of second bend
on the smooth side of the ABS i lightly sanded down , was too glossy ,............Here i made some marks to direct the flame for the next bend .

Step 7: Keeping the frame straight

Picture of keeping the frame straight
roughly about 3 3/4 inches from bend to bend , lying on its side to cool and holding the desired angle , and also keep the frame edges true  .
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How do I vote for this in the contest?
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Voting starts jan 2nd
Oh, Cool