Picture of Desktop Decepticon: A Transformers Maquette
Here is another little project I've been working on for a while, I've just got around to finishing it finally! 

After really enjoying the first Transformers movie, I wanted to try and make a little Transformer model but didn't get round to it. Once the second movie came out I thought it was about time to follow through on the little sketches I'd done ages ago.

The idea came from the scene near the end of Transformers 1, where a phone gets fried with some Allspark energy and turns into a Decepticon. Now I'm not a diehard Transformers fan but I did grow up on the 80s cartoons and I have to admit, while the movie renderings of the Autobots was incredible, I was dissapointed by the unrecognisable, spiky decepticons. So, here is my little interpretation of what I think the Decepticons could have looked like in the live action movies.

This little Decepticon is made from an old Motorola V600. Before I go any further, I have to say that unfortunatly, this model does NOT transform back into a phone! It's got a bit of articulation, but that's as far as it goes!
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Step 1: Gathering Parts and Planning

Picture of Gathering Parts and Planning

When it comes to a project like this, one made from re-using existing components instead of starting from scratch, it's important to try and figure out what you want to achieve with the basic parts you've collected, before you start cutting and gluing. This particular phone was a lucky choice to use, as it has an aluminium shell, and lot's of separate components, perfect to hack up into bits of transformer "armour"

I had a couple of VERY basic sketches and knew, for example that I wanted to use the phone's keypad as the breastplate for the transformer.

That said, once the basic skeleton was conceived, the rest of the time was spent making bits up as I went along! You'll notice the evolution of the head as the photos progress, he had at least three heads until I settled on one I liked! 

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can it turn back into a phone-ish thing

bglaser21 year ago
The phone wasn't turned into a deception, just a psycho and out of control mini transformer.
Super cool !
My try:
No articulation, I didnt plan well, and just used some glue to add everything, with the exception of the thighs to the hips, I used glue plus some screws to keep it somewhat stable.

Very messy. The glue didnt dry clear as I'd hope, but next try i'll be prepared! I have about 4 more old phones ready to transform.

I used pieces from the phone, earbuds, and a bent coat hanger for the internal support.

Thanks for this instructable! Very inspiring, but mine is nowhere near as good as your robot. Still was very fun.
Now set it up with your phone company and put it on speaker. A TALKING ROBOT YOU CAN TALK BACK TO! :D
tcollt5 years ago
That is sweat!
If you mean 'sweet' I totally agree. Awesome work.
lol! i don't care if it is a comment from two years ago, that still made me laugh.
no, thats the motocon!
nichodo4 years ago
Wow! this is so cool.

Note: i found this on seibertron.coms energon pub forum for custom transformers.
sculptur4 years ago
i attempted to make one but yours is much better
Photo on 2010-06-30 at 14.05.jpg
yokozuna5 years ago
Excellent work, 5 stars.  I assume the 2, 5, and 8 are underneath the armored breastplate?  Is it made entirely of phone parts, or are there a few other bits and pieces snuck in to help? 
gingerpete50 (author)  yokozuna5 years ago
Your right, the other numbers are beneath the breastplate, all the keys are still attched to their rubber backing. It has a fair few other parts in there as well, not just bits of the phone. I have tried to keep the mass looking the same, as if all the extra parts were hidden within the original form. 

The extra bits are mostly from a broken old SLR camera, these are all details though, the main structure and armour etc is all from the phone.

(removed by author or community request)
gingerpete50 (author)  Qeubek5 years ago
I used a cutting wheel in a rotary tool (dremel) You have to wear goggles! As this method spits out tiny aluminium shards! Once the cut is made you can file or sand the edge a little cleaner if you need to. It's easier to cut the lines straight if the wheel is one of the bigger ones.

how much would it cost to make me 3 of these
WuLongTi5 years ago
 Excellent job!  You just need to replace the Motorolla logo for a Decepticon one ^_^
lol.. whats the difference?
mnmc105 years ago
superglue heats up a bit but quickly cools down too.

dagenius5 years ago
Woah! Awesome! Were the parts hot glued together, or some other method?
gingerpete50 (author)  dagenius5 years ago
There were also a few little screws here and there, but mostly superglue, It was all over my fingers for a week!
Really? Painful..
Doesn't superglue get really hot when it dries? I used it to try to fix my glasses frame, but it melted the edge of the lense.   :(
cyanoacrylate or superglue bonds to most anything (except oil) and does so, so well, it is very hard to remove without VERY concentrated Acetone (fingernail polish remover will break it down enough to get most of it off, but that will also dissolve many plastics).
Yeah, I know that part. :)
But doesn't it get hot in the process?
Superglue does not get hot at all. Like alot of glues that bond plastic it actually chemically desolves the top layer or the plastic and then when it dries it lets the two layer "melt" together and solidiffy.
I have never experienced any heat after having gotten it on my hands....I don't know about more sensitive parts of the body.  :-)
Oh, snap!


any superglue i get on my fingers comes off within a day generally? although i use really cheap stuff
It normally takes a few days for me.....but I guess it depends on how much one does with their hands.  At my age, I don't do much manual labor anymore.. .
Doddity5 years ago
awesome i wanna try something like this but im snowed down with projects atm =) i'll post an instructable with credit to you if i get around to it
Doddity Doddity5 years ago
yea built it but not really what i was thinking lol still looks good =) thanks for the inspiration
jobergy5 years ago
i wonder if u take a model of a new 2008 camaro u could probably make bumble bee with the time and skill u have! future project maybe

lokiwon5 years ago
Being a fan of both movies and the original cartoon...i totally love this!
weasel9995 years ago
demel?????   Dremel or rotary tool
Waffle25 years ago

hi! i really like that! but i am only a kid so i cant make one sadly. :'( but i was wondering if you could make me one? or if i could maybe buy one from you?

MissStephie5 years ago
Great job! I love it!
astrong05 years ago
do you know how cool it would be if it went back to the phone... FRICKING AWESOME
You forgot to list one critically important construction component: artistic talent.
Sadly, that's something I can't order online.  Great work, though; I'm jealous.
manimalito5 years ago
very nice , I can see it transforming back into a normal cellphonbe!
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