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Introduction: Desktop Office Cannon

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Step 1: Materials Needed

For this desktop cannon you will need to have: A pen( the kind that is in the photo) A lighter to use to melt a hole in the glue-stick A few paper clips A hack saw or some sort of tool to cut the glue .....stick and the pen barrel A glue stick A lighter A spark igniter from the inside of a lighter And some electrical tape

Step 2: Building the Chamber

For this step you will need to take the hack saw and cut the twisty end off of the end of the glue stick as seen, you may need to take a screw driver to poke the internals of the glue-stick out So that it is completely hollow.

Step 3: Chamber

This is what it should look like when you are done.

Step 4: Building the Barrel

To make the cannons barrel you will need to take the pen apart and completely gut it. You must take everything out of it.

Step 5: Making the Barrel Smaller

After completing step 4 you must cut the barrel into 2 pieces, this will be about the right size for half of a Q-Tip, the ammo.

Step 6: The Paper Clips

In this step you will meed to straighten out the paper clips and take the lighter out. Heat the paper clip up so that it is hot enough to melt its way through the glue-stick. While you do this make sure that they are about 2cm apart so that when you put them in they will be fairly close together so that the spark can travel a crossed them.

Step 7: Inside

When you complete step 6 you should have something that looks like this....

Step 8: Glueing

When the paper clips are inserted fold them down on the outside, make sure they are still pretty close together on the inside, and put glue around the hole.

Step 9: Barrel

To put the barrel on all you will need to do is put glue around the tip of one side of the pen barrel and insert it into the open spot, this should be a pretty good and snug fit.

Step 10: Spark Igniter

This is what the spark igniter that you will pull out of the lighter will look like, if you do not know how to do this step look it up on youtube or ask me in the comments

Step 11: Putting It All Together

In this step i will be showing you how apply the wires from the spark igniter to the paper clips on the glue-stick All you will have to do is gently bend the wire around the paper clip, repeat this step for the second wire, while doing this be careful not to break the wire. After doing this i would suggest to put some glue on both of the paper clips to hold the wire on, then you can begin to put tape on the chamber, the glue-stick, to Make it look sleek

Step 12: Shortening the Wires

After taping the body, take a piece of tape and fold up the wire so that it is shorter and less of a hassle. This step is not necessary...

Step 13: The Stand

You do not need to do this but i personally think it looks way cooler on my desk at work like this. To do this all you need to do is unfold the paper clip so it looks like this

Step 14: Assembling

Then you can glue or tape the paper clips on the chamber so that it holds up the cannon

Step 15: Ammo

For the ammo all you need to do is break a Q-Tip in half and insert it in the barrel of the cannon, it does not matter which way

Step 16: Finished

Step 17: Firing

To fire this cannon all you need to do is spray a little bit of axe or hairs spray in the end of the glue stick by taking off the cap of the stick, to get the best firing results blow a little bit of air in the tube after spraying the axe and shake it. Then all you have to do is pull the trigger and have fun:)

Step 18: Thank You!!!

Thank you to everybody that voted for my Instructables it made it to the finals!!!!! Please vote for this in the other competitions please it means a lot also check out my shock pen!:)

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    perhaps consider hydrogen gas sourced from electrolysis of water as a chemical fuel, it may be difficult to "put" in the chamber but i think it would provide a greater explosive power. or you may want to put fuel for it into some kind of tissue paper cartridge so more can be ignited. if you do either of these it would be sensible to reinforce the chamber and barrel so they do not explode. very nice to see a chemically propelled projectile launcher on here.

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