Desktop Power Supply V1.2





Introduction: Desktop Power Supply V1.2

I do not have time right now to put an instructable together, however I thought I would post this to get others to come up with better looking desktop power supplies. This one has a 1.24 - 10v DC out with amp and voltage meters, a 12v out, 5 v out with amp and voltage meter, and a 110v AC voltage and amp meter! The center tube is a working tube while the left and right tubes are burnout. All 3 tubes have been converted to work on 2 volts (a small light bulb inside the smaller tubes and a light out side in the back of the larger). What I will do over the next few mouths is to post short instructables leading up to the final power supply I will build in January so keep an eye out.

The system power (on and off) is controlled by one large relay, this is done so that the 110v AC socket on the right side of the power supply is not routed through the box or the 2 amp switch just a small current now flow from the switch to the relay. Believe me when I say there are a lot of wires in side this box so it is very important to keep them sorted. I have supplied a schematic but it is for reference only right now.

update: the schematic shows a resistor in the wrong place and the switch to the relay is is the wrong place. I have updated the changes



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    I have been privileged to see this thing in person. It is truly a work of art!

    Thanks friend, it is getting time to work on some other projects!

    This is beutifull.

    I know what you used for the Wrist Control Unit, and I must say, I would never have thought of that. Excellent work, Sir.


    Love that brass meter in the middle. Is that a surplus find?

    the large brass meter in from an old radio station, this one was rusty so I reworked it to work as a voltage meter.

    Beutiful build! I love the sound it makes when you turn it on. Where did you find all those great old panel-mount meters and switches? I assume the switches were old judging by the great clicking noise the made. I'd really like to know!

    Great job!


    the switches not that old, most are spst from DYI stores and the loud click you hear at the start is a relay