Did you ever dreamed of playing a seesaw on your desktop with your forgotten old friends? Did you ever needed a model for demonstrating the principles of moments? We propose here with a novel method to make an ornamental seesaw that makes your desktop at home or in the office vivid and alive. Additionally, it may serve as a teaching model showing the principle of moments. All materials used in this tutorial shall be easily accessible in an urban area especially in a medical environment.

  • The whole procedure usually takes no more than 15 minutes.

Step 1: Materials Required

The Desktop Seesaw is consisted of the following:

1) Seesaw plank
2) Axle
3) Seesaw base
4) Platform (Optional)


1) Seesaw plank - Wooden disposable medical tongue depressors (150mm x 18mm) or any uniform sized plank equivalent
2) Axle - Wooden chopsticks or any uniform sized rod equivalent
3) Seesaw base - Cardboard disposable mouthpiece or equivalent
4) Platform (Optional)
- Cardboard box cover or equivalent
- Binders / Clamps

5) Tools and Gadgets:
- Ruler or equivalent
- Scissors
- Cutter Blade
- Pencil & Rubber
- Drill or equivalent

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